About Rivers Loan

Please note: the North East Micro Loan Fund is fully invested

"The process has been great, both Nikita and James has been both helpful and supportive making the process very pleasurable. I would highly recommend to other business owners".

Andrew Scotter,  Focus Digital Agency

The North East Micro Loan Fund is now fully invested and is CLOSED to new applications. Many thanks for your interest.

Rivers Capital Partners has other sources of capital... here !

With over 50 years of combined investment experience, we know that the ‘next big thing’ can have the smallest beginnings.

We recognise that even the most innovative businesses with exceptional potential for growth can be denied loans by traditional lenders.

Managed by a team of entrepreneurs who have successfully founded, run and exited their own companies, we’ve been in your position. We know that it can be frustrating trying to find funding to accelerate your ambitions.

Now, transferring our experience in founding and growing businesses, we're here to help you achieve your aspirations.

micro loans to fund big ideas